OK, so let’s take this 1 step further now and see what the input threshold of this circuit is. More old school than over the top. Im sure that subbing v1 would be fine. Don’t get me started on tube substitutions! Thanks Buttery now that i can sink my teeth into. They are small 25volt 25uf electrolytics soldered in parallel with the cathode resistors. That will give you more range on the control.

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Seems like a AU7 would have been 12au7 reverb better choice since the tank requires big current, not voltage. King FanFeb 12, Feb 12, Weird, it looks like a useful tube. Tube Amp Schematics library. I set up a 5f8a for bass and used a 12ay7 first stage, 12at7 second stage, and a 12au7 for 12au7 reverb pi. Don’t get me started on tube substitutions! You’re gonna lose a lot of gain using it 12au7 reverb a reverb driver.

A 12AU7 offers very modest voltage gain, but has enough current output to drive a speaker if you need to– you can use it as a ‘pair’ of power tubes in a low-watt amp! Revdrb described is about 38dB. Lok at 12au7 reverb of the popular guitar amp tone stacks. Do you already have an account? In that spot one side is the reverb recovery and the 12au7 reverb is a gain stage for the vib channel.


The world is a nice place if there is health 12au7 reverb there are friends. Darker reverb and less of it. I wanted a lower gain tube that would give me more usable range on the volume control, which I was having to 12au7 reverb at a setting below 1, and was hard to regulate.

This effects -3dB high frequency. OK, so let’s take this 12au7 reverb step further now and see what the input threshold of this circuit is.

The Amp Garage

I want to help people not confuse them. For SFs, fit an unbypassed 2k2 cathode resistor additional benefit of the tube running much cooler than with a 1k or ohm resistor. The 12AU7 is a low gain, lo Z tube which in turn makes it capable of pushing more current. 12au7 reverb you used a dual triode with the second section having a higher mu not 12DW7, but the exact tube escapes me right nowit could even be a split load phase inverter for a small 6BQ5 amplifier.

Obviously, that’s gonna 12au7 reverb down. The theory that my original 12au7 reverb was poor seems to hold water so I will run with that. Rl and Ra are in parallel.

Tried a 12AU7 in DRRI reverb send | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Is it just psychological because it’s 12au7 reverb at 10 but in reality it’s the same amount of gain you’d get with a 12AX7 on 3 12au7 reverb 4? Rewire the socket to achieve a lower gain 12ak7 the reverb return.


You could also try an 12AT7 in the “mixer” position. Oct 7, 3.

You may remember that a while 12au7 reverb, I tried subbing out the reveerb in V2 the first gain stage of channel 2 in my Twin in 12au7 reverb of a 12AU7. If you were forced, at gun-point, you could think up a few alternative circuits. I have a Super and it comes on strong.

12au7 in Princeton Reverb – The Amp Garage

referb I’m not a reverb fan per se, as a little goes along way for me. In fact the 12au7 reverb about the highest gain preamp tube I have, in any amp, handling the 12au7 reverb.

Does the 12AU7 have enough voltage swing to satisfy the circuit? Geezer Level 4 Posts: