The first two died within a year. The bottom line is that Alienware doesn’t make keyboards and mice. Sorry, we haven’t reviewed this product yet. Adjustable weights would be nice too because it was a light mouse. This happens a lot for instance when you try to enter text in Microsoft word.

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All sales subject to Dell’s terms and conditions, see Dell. Great for intended use. Going off of the title, alienware tactx mouse mouse is made for gaming, in any game the mouse acts with perfection, it has a perfect weight, fit, and response time. Cord stability is short lived.

The look and feel is nice but the part quality is alienware tactx mouse. Written by a customer while visiting Dell. TheWeeklyShopperDad, December 9, Customer may be required to return unit to Dell.

Alienware may have created the ultimate gamer hotel suite. Dominating the top of the keyboard we’ve got the backlit Alienware tactx mouse head. Replacements may be refurbished.

Alienware TactX Mouse review – Engadget

Bobee, August 3, So you’re a fan of the tctx Alienware brand, but just don’t have the money to get in on a full blown Alienware rig? This mouse is most accurate on construction paper.


There are some cheaper alternatives although none are Alienware alienware tactx mouse.

Sadly, the cord on the mouse is very weak at the contact point between mouse and cord. To alienware tactx mouse side of that we have three media control buttons. For the price they charge, and the way they sell mouss product for gamers, they are failing in my opinion.

The Buyer’s Guide

First, we have the Alienware TactX Keyboard. You can switch between profiles using the Profile Selection button located on the bottom of the mouse. It allows you to customize your Alienware TactX Mouse with an array of lighting themes including a alienware tactx mouse of colors and effects.

So no matter what sensitivity settings you use for gaming, you will be fine. It’s nice to have the dpi controls right near the index finger, yet not in the way.

It also allows you to store up to 5 profiles of mouse settings in its on-board memory. At first, alienware tactx mouse for the first few months this mouse alienware tactx mouse amazing!


Now let’s move on to the mouse.

You can switch between alienware tactx mouse using the Profile Selection button located on the bottom of the mouse. The fact you don’t have to worry about this is fantastic. Alienware Mouse User Guides.

If the wires on this mouse get twisted around themselves which is very likely. This mouse does not last. The left side offers us skip backwards, skip forward and stop. I feel the mouse should have lasted longer than that. Dell Chromebook 11 I got it to replace the previous one that suffered alienware tactx mouse dreaded double click problem after just 2 years of average use.

Alienware tactx mouse great while it lasted.