If that doesn’t work – or if you set a BIOS password and then forget what it is – the normal strategy is to unplug the computer and use a jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS memory and set everything back to defaults. My temperatures were getting a little high so I decided to back it off. This motherboard has flexibility written all over it. But this is exactly the sort of thing you don’t notice until you’ve finished assembling your PC, and swapping out a motherboard with a glitch like this is a pain. It’s actually pretty easy.

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ASUS A7AE – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

I added Thermaltakes memory cooling kit to my DDR and video card ram. As long as your motherboard can handle the FSB you want, you’re fine; anything you can do with a higher multiplier, you can also do with a higher FSB.

It is by far the largest board Asus a7a266 have used. When you first open the package the first thing you notice asus a7a266 the size of this a7z266.

Especially if it’s suspiciously cheap. Well it could just be me coming from an overclocked PMhz. It seemed to be just an electrical problem – a dud socket, asus a7a266, or a cracked trace on the motherboard asux and it’s not something I’ve heard anybody else report. The A7A asus a7a266 our benchmark tests with no problems or glitches in our limited configuration.

As soon as I address my cooling problems and unlock the multiplier on aus cpu I will push it farther! Here is my guide to getting proper overclocking happening on the A7A Most people who make use of asus a7a266 or more memory slots do so because they’re recycling smaller modules asus a7a266 another computer. I have had it set up and running for 3 days straight now and my cpu temps asus a7a266 full load are around F, so says the ASUS Probe.


When you’re buying all new RAM, it’s generally cheaper to buy fewer, larger modules, so having a7q266 two slots isn’t a serious handicap.

asus a7a266 However, applications-based tests indicated that the real world performance difference outside of games was relatively small. But the choice is up to you. Both add up to an MHz core speed, and that’s all that matters. I used a 1. That’s just as well, actually; quite a few current DDR-only Socket A motherboards asus a7a266 have two memory slots. Putting it in s7a266 case was a snap!

Asus A7A266, AMD (A7A226) Motherboard

The motherboard probably won’t care, but some of your other components – cards, drives – might. Confusingly, there are two places you can plug in an IDE activity LED, both asus a7a266 in the manual, but only one of them seems to work.

Asus a7a266 lack of multiplier adjustment isn’t as important as it used to be, though. But x7a266 it came time to shutdown the thing asus a7a266 not shut off. It’s actually pretty easy. Air-cooled overclockers are weenies!

Asus a7a266 a little careful maneuvering, though, you can still install full-size PCI cards. If you want to save asus a7a266 few buck go with a Duron processor and PC While Intel and their oddly pigmented henchmen try to persuade the world that nothing as expensive as a Asus a7a266 xsus could possibly be a bad buy, AMD have been quietly plugging along with the Athlon and Duron.


I had a72a66 unplug it from the wall to get it to shut off.

ALi MAGiK Motherboards

If you over-overclock and paint yourself into a corner, ending up with a asus a7a266 that can’t perform its Power On Self-Test POSTyou’re meant to asu able to set asus a7a266 BIOS back to default settings by powering up with the Delete key held down.

Once installed it looked great! Higher voltage settings can let you get a balky processor to run stably at a higher speed, as long as you’ve got enough cooling to deal with the extra heat created. Until that updated A7A comes along though, we either have to wait for a BIOS update asus a7a266 multiplier adjustment, or just do without.

An update of the BIOS to v. Most Socket A CPUs are multiplier locked, anyway; you need to reconnect some bridges on the top of the chip to make asus a7a266 adjustment possible at all, as I explain in my earlier asus a7a266 review here. Also, the cd that asus a7a266 with the motherboard has some useful software on it like: If that doesn’t work – or if you set a BIOS password and then forget what it is – the normal strategy is xsus unplug the computer and use a jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS memory and set everything back to defaults.