ASUS high-quality solid state capacitors assure a 5,hour lifespan, equivalent to 2. F4 or right click to add settings to My Favorites under Advance Mode, which cuts time spent on searching and further speeds up system tuning. Experience the latest plug n play connectivity at speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2. Convenience and ease at their best! Hassle-free updating for ultimate convenience!

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Tap into the world’s first real-time PC power saving chip through a simple onboard switch or the AI Suite 3 utility.

Probe II Sense

Avoid network congestion, speed up downloading, and make sure online gaming runs optimized, all through an intuitive user interface. You can rename your SATA ports for easy identification, including by usage scenario. Wi-Fi environment setup – use an existing LAN cable and router setup to connect PC and smart devices on the same home network 2.

Power control is one of the most essential motherboard designs. Accesses your PC from smart devices with real-time control for complete comfort. Want to download, stream, or backup content while away from your PC? You can enter the BIOS directly with one click through a user-friendly interface, and quickly select your preferred system boot up method: ASUS innovation has also resulted in dedicated Windows 8.

Q-DIMM Easy memory removal Asus probe 2 sense if you work with a smaller case, plugging in memory is easy with asus probe 2 sense clips that are right at the edge of the board and always accessible.


Products may not be available in all markets. Get greater convenience and spend less time on finding the right devices when you want to prone settings. It allows you to stream multimedia content asus probe 2 sense PC to your HDTV, access your computer anywhere using smart devices at home, and easily transfer files to and from your PC.

It can directly reduce CPU wattage to an indicated level on demand, or manually switch to Max Power Saving Asus probe 2 sense for further power savings, creating a more energy-efficient PC.

Quick Note works inside the BIOS so you can just type remarks and ideas to asus probe 2 sense you remember important settings info and save time on trial and ssus. Convenience and ease at their best! This troubleshooting feature saves you time and annoyance, and adds to the confidence of DIY builders. Convenience and ease at its best! You no longer have to mess with easily-bent pins.

Google and the Google Logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Simple plug and boost — auto detection design ensures best performance.

Figuring out the best settings for your PC a challenge? Allows your computer to quickly resume from a low-power hibernate state in seconds. Away Mode makes it asus probe 2 sense.

It helps you supervise your entire PC through a live tile on the Windows 8 start screen, and make quick adjustments.

ASUS PC Probe II Download – TechSpot

File Transfer Easy data sharing Send and share files between your PC and smart devices with only a right click on the mouse. Get total system-wide energy optimization by automatically detecting current PC loadings asus probe 2 sense intelligently moderating power consumption.

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My Favorites Get all your favorite functions on one page F4 or right click to add settings to My Favorites under Advance Mode, which cuts time spent on searching and further speeds up system tuning. It consolidates all exclusive ASUS features into one simple-to-use package, allowing you to supervise overclocking, energy consumption, fan speeds, voltages and more. The following asus probe 2 sense offer Windows 8. Press the Q-Slot clip lightly, and graphics cards just pop out.

It provides improved performance by utilizing serial point-to-point links, allowing increased bandwidth and stability. Key benefits include reduced load and wait times, and lower power consumption through the elimination of unnecessary hard drive spin.

Network iControl Real-time network bandwidth management One click to prioritize network traffic for applications you’re currently using or set up favorite profiles to run at specific times. Experience the latest plug n play connectivity at speeds up to 10 asus probe 2 sense faster than USB 2.

As demanded by the community, detailed fan controls come to EZ Mode so you can switch fan profiles for quick cooling and noise-level supervision.