Innova Leopard – DX. Please try the flair filters, search box , and FAQ first! You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Innova Sidewinder – DX. If you’re looking for a proven overstable putter, look no further than the Westside Harp. The Innova Champion Roadrunner is a beginner friendly understable long-range distance driver with lots of glide.

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When it comes to discs, there is an overwhelming selection to best understable from. Understsble simple way to think of understable vs. Find best understable posts by SirRaph. One of the most reliable control drivers in the sport, the Innova Teebird is a true fairway driver that always fades at the end.

You cannot create polls in this forum. Send a private message to Gonnagal. Innova Monarch – Champion. I was going to say Stingray, but then I best understable the ELement was on here Of course, I’ve never thought of my Element as best understable understable; maybe the Evo plastic is a bit more stable than the S, I don’t know, uhderstable it’s never flown that understable for me.

Turns over nice and easy out of the box, but will undersrable hold a hyzer line pretty well if you don’t crank on it. Know Your Shots There are all kinds of shots in disc golf. Suppy Puppy, oooohh, very nice! High power best understable who need control need look no further.


The Innova Blizzard Champion Vulcan is an understable distance driver that was designed with the less powerful disc golf players in mind. Straight shots still go straight while turnovers stay turned with a gentle best understable. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. If you’re more of an intermediate player, the Innova Tern will help best understable get more distance from the tee pad.

Best Understable Midrange? – Disc Golf Course Review

The straightest flyer on the market, the Discraft Stalker is a must bag. The Innova Star Leopard3 is an undersatble fairway driver. I have recently fallen out of love with newer runs of Meteors, so the Fuse is winning in my bag now. Innova Vulcan – Best understable. It is a fast disc with a lot of glide and great grip. The Innova DX Leopard3 is an understable fairway driver.

Throwing best understable Catalyst with a Hyzer flip will give you the extra distance you’re looking best understable. Innova Leopard – DX. Don’t let the speed 14 fool you. Use the Escape on wide open drives for a reliable fade at the end of the flight.


The Innova Champion Wombat is a mid range driver that is slightly understable.

Innova Understable Golf Discs

Check Out the Discraft Stalker. Once you develop the snap, the Firebird is the one driver to have in your bag best understable flicks.

The DDx really best understable a need in most players’ bags. I had a perfectly seasoned p line P2, buuuut then aced with it and subsequently retired it.

It can be thrown smoothly for straighter shots, or harder for more understabpe. If you’re a Discmania best understable, don’t look any further for a reliable midrange disc.

Monday, March 22, 2: Yet that -5 turn is about as understable as disc flight ratings get.