Make sure the printer is turned on and on-line. Make sure the stack of paper does not exceed the paper limit mark or the tab on the right side of the sheet feeder. When secure, the ink cartridge makes contact with the circuit board inside the cartridge holder. Select the Add Printer button. Photo Books Photo Books.

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Printing Incorrect Number canon bj 230 Lines on Page If the printer is not printing the number of lines you expect on a page, follow these steps.

The following table lists the fonts and pitches that are available in each printer control mode.

This chapter describes how to set nj your software application for your printer. If your application program does canon bj 230 perform these basic functions, you can control them using the operator panel. Make sure the envelope is loaded properly: The dithering option you select changes the quality of a gray-scale or color image.

Find The Perfect Camera. Use transparencies only in a normal operating environment. Many printing problems are canon bj 230 to how your software interacts with the printer. See Chapter 4, Using the Operator Panel, for complete information on these buttons and lights.

Full text of “Canon BJ User Manual”

Page 88 Perform form feed Perform carriage return Set double-wide mode by line Canon bj 230 condensed mode 17 cpi ; cancelled by Set printer on-line Cancel condensed canon bj 230 17 cpi set by SI Set printer off-line Cancel double-wide mode Cancel data Make sure you turn off the printer only when the ink cartridge is in the home position.


Characters Are Blurred or Smudged 1. Try removing a few sheets of paper from the sheet feeder.

Operational Problems This section contains problems and bn related to the operation of your hardware. Make sure the paper thickness lever inside the printer is set for your paper type. Selecting a Print Mode Your printer incorporates two print modes that allow you to choose between print speed and print quality: Explore our latest range of video cameras.

For information canon bj 230 changing canon bj 230 default settings, see Chapter 8, Customizing the Printer. Use a soft cloth to clean the printer; do not use paper towels or tissues. Smudges on Back of Printed Page If ink happens to get on the printer’s platen, the back side of the printed page will have smudge marks.

Also, the styles of block graphics characters at 12 cpi are different from normal IBM Proprinter X24e printing. The printer will automatically load the paper into position. Close the DIP switch cover after making canob selections.


canon bj 230 To print the manual completely, please, download it. Make sure the computer is set up correctly for your printer. Do not attempt to disassemble the cartridge. Performing the print head cleaning procedure should clear up this problem. Use only commercial, number 10 envelopes, which are 9.

Canon BJ-230 User Manual

Envelopes that canon bj 230 specially coated or deeply embossed. Use the SHQ mode when you want extremely high quality print or you want the printer to be very quiet.

When you load paper in landscape orientation, you can use reduction mode to fit even more text on next page. The path that the paper travels through the canon bj 230 is the same for automatic and manual feeding. Page 38 Connect canonn to display the Connect dialog box. How you attach this support is describe later in this chapter.

Do not attempt to disassemble the vj.