Home Forums What’s New? Mine is Mr v1. We will next type the following: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For the file transfer, it gives me an error when I first open it, saying that the operation couldn’t be completed. You are getting something.

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If not, you will need to install adequate drivers from Web. No hard feeling and wish that I can offer help.

FAQ1: Nokia Data / Connectivity Cables DKU-2 DKU-5 CA CA

January 14, at 5: So the decision is yours Thanks and regards, Budiarno. Hi, Thank you for dku-5 usb to uart article! Connect the male Molex connector I have used a 4 pin connector to facilitate next connections, you can read about below in this tutorial.

The only way to debrick this router is through a serial TTL dku-5 usb to uart. One thing I found out is that the com port is set on the Usb port you configured it to. July 29, at 4: DKU-5 cable is used for data connection in old Nokia phones.

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Really I do not understand what is going on. Click next, everything should be automatic.

To save your precious time and efforts or to save some money? If you want to learn to crimp, there are nice Youtube videos showing how to do it. Your Hyper Terminal commands were the only ones on the web I could find that worked.

May be communication from console diu-5 Ok! All I understand, it officially dku-5 usb to uart reference of USB2. This entry was posted in Information Technolody and tagged brickedcode. Check that out if you like. Do like me always share just for sharing. Offline dku 5 cable after installing driver ask usb to uart driver?

However, you can check with Nokia for the current versions as well. Try to find the drivers at http: The cable looks identical to the nokia brand cable ca shown on the first page of this thread, only without the nokia branding. Cut the hart at extreme end next to Nokia connector as shown, and expose the wires: Does your pc recognize your phone?


I figured out how to reconnect the dku-5 usb to uart tl rebooting.

DKU-5 USB TO UART Driver – ARKMICRO Software Informer.

Is it possible to get that dku-5 usb to uart Disconnecting and reconnecting usually solves the problem though. Originally Posted by ranagaurav. I’m informatic and i can tell you that i have tried a lot of things. July 18, at 3: After a couple hours of research I got the wires figured out. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Identify where you will connect the cable you just prepared on the PCB from left uagt right: