While we don’t expect the rest of the world to jump onboard the Memory Stick bandwagon anytime soon, we do feel that it’s at least a viable and useful solution within the Sony product line. Movies can be recorded in lengths of 5, 10 and 15 seconds, depending on how you set it up. Whether you’re hitting the beach in the Northern Hemisphere or the ski slopes in the Southern, a rugged compact camera makes a great companion. It feels really secure and comfortable in your hand. Having now received a full production unit I’ve updated this review to reflect any differences between it and the original model I had to write this review. Pictures are good, too!

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Manufacturer Dsc-f505 Sony has long been a dsc-f505 player in the digital camera field with their Mavica tm line of floppy-disk based cameras. Looking dsc-f505 the F from this angle about all you can say is, “Would you like some camera with your lens?

Sony DSC-F505 (1999)

Has many different features on the camera. Tonal range was very good as well, particularly in the area of shadow ddsc-f505. Huawei launches photography contest with an AI judge. Gone dsc-f505 the days of no-name lenses, a dsc-f505 gripe against Sony digital cameras was the quality of dsc-f505 lens systems used, often resulting in dull, flat or fuzzy images and lots of chromatic aberrations.

Dsc-505 Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the Movie position, this mode allows you to capture movies with sound. When using the manual focus dsc-f505, the camera provides you with a small focus-feedback indicator on the LCD screen, showing when you’ve attained rsc-f505 focus.


And again they came dsc-f505 a similar conclusion I did “With the DSC-Fs unique rotating lens and its movie dsc-f505 capabilities, you get a fun camera that takes great pictures too.

Sony suggests using dsc-f505 Auto setting when shooting under fluorescent lighting as opposed to the Indoor setting, for more accurate results. And it shows, the dsc-f505 barrel completely dominates ds-f505 design of this dsc-f505, it’s also the heaviest part of the camera.

dsc-g505 Dsc-f505 First of all, what a completely unique design! CF cards have no such physical write-protection available, and SmartMedia cards require the use of expendable conductive foil dots that are also subject to failure due to dirt dsc-f505 fingerprints. Nikon announces development of dsc-f505 full-frame mirrorless system. The picture quality is fine dsc-f505 is to be dsc-f505 of a 2.

Or, Return to the Imaging Resource home page. Focus ranges from 0.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F Digital Photography Review

We did notice the lack of a Red-Eye Reduction dsc-f505. The accompanying AC adapter dsc-f505 directly into the battery compartment and is heavily recommended when playing back recorded images or downloading dsc-f505 a computer. Do you have a F camera?

Dsc-f505 lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. A dsc-f505 Memory Stick accommodates up to 40 seconds of video in Presentation format x pixels and up to about seconds in Video Mail format x pixels. Preset white-balance features dsc-f505 the F’s One-Push option also allow you to introduce deliberate color casts into your images dsc-f505 a very controlled fashion: Picture Effect The Picture Effect in the record menu mode xsc-f505 to use a little creativity when composing images.

The Memory Stick has been dac-f505 subject of some controversy within the digicam community, with many people ourselves included asking why on earth we need yet another dsc-f505 format for digital cameras.


The Focus switch on the side of the lens gives the option of manual dsc-f05, which dsc-f505 be adjusted by turning the bezel on the end dsc-f505 the lens like a standard 35mm camera lens. Internet Explorer Download the latest version.

On dsc-f505 back of the camera next to the dsc-f505 LCD we find the flash mode button, the Program AE dsc-f505 button, the 4-way jog switch for activating and navigating the menus – you push it in the center to accept menu selections. The bulk of the weight lies in the lens.

Auto, Indoor, Outdoor and One-Push. However, a long-form, extensively researched dsc-f505 report in dsc-f505 Columbia Journalism Review about sexual harassment is still a depressing, eye-opening read.

We’re perhaps being a little harsh in the extent to which we’re calling attention to the distortions and aberrations of the F’s lens, as dsc-f505 don’t normally highlight lens distortions in this summary section to this degree. The Sony RX VI is a dsc-f505 capable travel camera, combining a flexible zoom range with impressive autofocus. It dsc-f505 exceptionally sharp pictures with excellent color, and the 5x zoom ratio on the lens is a very nice feature. In Play mode, the dsc-f505 and right arrow buttons scroll through images.