Call of Juarez Testing: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. How powerful you ask? Latest News Hardware Roundup: The AGM-A takes all of the new technologies of today and makes them available in an inexpensive platform that caters to gamers and enthusiasts alike.

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The board doesn’t have a single chipset cooling fan, so if you build carefully you can create a computer which is nearly silent. Whether this is any better than the standard Realtek audio esc remains to be seen. The power consumption for ecs a780gm a G, for example, is pegged at just 0.

ECS AGM-A Motherboard Review – AMD G Chipset – Legit ReviewsThe ECS AGM-A Motherboard

Opening the box gives you two layers; the top layer holds ecs a780gm a accessories and manuals and the bottom layer has the board itself. For the Phenom processor, there are several platforms that a80gm can choose based on your needs.

Call of Juarez Testing: Latest News Latest Videos. The AMD G and SB operate more energy efficiently than their predecessors, so the chipsets are passively cooled with simple aluminum heatsinks. It supports all TV formats, including standard, enhanced, and ecs a780gm a definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio over a single cable. The board features four phase power regulation and uses a pin ATX power supply header ecw an ecs a780gm a 4-pin ATX power connector.

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Hybrid CrossfireX is a new technology, which works in Windows Vista only, that combines the embedded graphics of the motherboard and ecs a780gm a an HD or HD graphics card in the PCI-e X16 aa780gm in a CrossfireX mode, increasing your computing power for games and applications. This question is for testing whether you are a x780gm visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

ECS A780GM-A AMD 780G Motherboard Review

More motherboard chipsets are being processed now than ever before. First, no DVI port exists for the integrated graphics. Knights of the Sea Testing: Now that we have seen the accessories let’s take ecs a780gm a closer look at the motherboard itself.

How powerful you ask? I find this strange, as most of the current monitors on the market feature today feature the DVI interface. The AGM-A takes all of the new technologies of today and makes them available in an inexpensive platform that caters to ecs a780gm a and enthusiasts alike.

The board looks a lot better than the ecs a780gm a purple monsters we’re accustomed to. The system must be running Ecs a780gm a for Hybrid Graphics to be enabled, and it operates in manner similar to Crossfire.

The sound of a Cloud in Flight from HyperX. The sides just have the logo and model number on them.



Flipping over to the back reveals a picture of what the board looks like, as well as a more in depth list of specifications and features. Intelligent fruit flies slower than Snapdragons. Radio Shack could be back? Get Lost Mars, you’re a Far Cry from entertaining. Located at the bottom es section ecs a780gm a the board are three USB 2.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Instead, to go along with the “Black Series” theme, the box is black with a dragon and tribal pattern.

ece Home Reviews News Forums. Since the DVI shares the controller as the HDMI port, and both cannot be used ecs a780gm a the same time, most manufacturers choose to drop one altogether. Someone spilled Coffee all over the internet, again. Welcome Stranger to OCC!

Two things of note here. I will be taking a good look at this board and testing it to see if it stands up to its claim ecs a780gm a being made for gamers.