After that i couldn’t retrieve my contacts from SD card Hi, it is not related to PhoneCopy only. On each phone in the settings there is contact settings and there you can set which contacts will be visible. The group of preventive people transfer phone numbers to the SIM card in order to create a backup we definitely recommend it. Login by email entered during registration will be available in one of the upcoming versions of the app.

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Hi, from HTC to Galaxy please follow our guide http: I udb Learn more. We can helo you only in case you used PhoneCopy before reboot. Then we will develop other data types as calendar, tasks and notes.

Android has several contact databases and you can select which one you want to synchronize to PhoneCopy. Hi, you can synchronize PhoneCopy to Google Calendar and then your android can be synchronized directly with Google Calendar as well. Install the new beta version: All sms stored in your account will be uploaded back to phone.

Pantech Sirius IM-A600S Android Smartphone

You will find PhoneCopy there. Media um-a600s sent from Samsung S5, restored to Huawei Mate 20 lite. Sorry, can you explain how is your request related to PhoneCopy.

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Hi, please start application on your android phone. No, there is not a way to upload messages to iPhone at all. I can see the names but they don’t have any lm-a600s details such as mobile number, email etc. I will try to help you via private mail.

Which alternative can I-a600s use? Each of us has experienced such an unpleasant situation at least once. Type Count Limit Devices 3 2 ” How to remove one device? I’ve deleted the app “phonecopy” from my iphone but it still keep deleting quasi all my contact. Read about resetting LG Q7. Using that, users are able to assign only part of their data to the other phone e. But i tried this one before.

Pantech latest IM-AS Sirius Smartphone |

I hope you can assist im-a600x in this regard. Samsung is the local contacts recommendedwhile Gmail is the contacts storage used by Gmail app and it may interfere with PhoneCopy synchronizations.

By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Everytime I try to restore the from my iphone up on the server I got the message that 18 contacts have been successfully updated. This type of sync occurs only after login to app, it transfers all contacts and sms from phone and server and merges them. We are contact backup service and we can’t solve phone problems.

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But you have 4 devices in your profile. I did the upgrade and since then the app only sync me 18 contacts. We have prepared a new beta version 2.

It is on our road map, but so far because of low demand for that feature.

Pantech Sirius IM-AS – Phone Specifications

We note limit of transparently in the AppStore: Imm-a600s is just synchronizing my Gmail contacts. Do I need to do a One Way sync?

Or alternativelly you have to reduce number of contacts to I have phone copy premium and when I press synchronise it won’t work.