I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but it change it’s formatting overnight and i haven’t been able to use it since have plugged it into 3 completely different laptops, PS3, 2 different types of TV’s, and its format doesn’t work with any of them. On the standard USB 2. No wonder they discontinued it. Imation products overall are pathetic. The thing that annoys me most about all this is that the manufacturers don’t want to hear anything about it – they say that lost data is not covered by the warranty. Dec Changed it’s formatting itself. Checked the data was there on a secondart computer prior to deleting it off the first.

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Office Works offered to replace it, which was great, but it didn’t get my precious data back. Starting to wonder if this is why they were practically being given imation apollo m100 at an Officeworks store opening. It’s cheap – but for a reason. Yowie replied on Oct 17, The drive is dead. How do I copy them to my PC in a format which is readable? Fails on PCs where it used to work imation apollo m100 on PCs where it was never connected.

Apollo M SellSheet – IMATION – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Good for data copies for a while, but dont rely on it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to a friend, and if by chance you have made the mistake of purchase one of these drives, take your data off, and return this to where you purchased it from before anything goes imation apollo m100.


Fortunately I had backed up apkllo of it, imation apollo m100 I wanted the rest of it back – an expensive exercise. If I had known that it was going to to be so hard to recover data i appollo not have bought it.

Not worth bothering with.

Was installed but cant find a way to recover data imac asked on Mar 29, Sometimes this happens straight away, other times it’ll happen part way through copying. I can imation apollo m100 assume it has failed as I have tried it over imation apollo m100 devices. I presented one way above.

After about 6 months of very limited use, the unit died in a similar way as described by other users.

Came online to troubleshoot to find others with the same issue. Attempted it read it on three computers including the Officeworks store that i purchased it at. I essentially used it as a copy of my archival documents, and luckily still have all imation apollo m100 on PC. I then when to do some photo editing and noticed that the xpollo drive could no imation apollo m100 be read.

If I plug it in via USB2. Found a fix but still not imagion. Every photo I have taken of my daughter for the past 9 years. When plugged in blue light turned on, my laptop then was working to install it – but then nothing. When I sold my laptop after I copied everything into the Imation Apollo M and deleted imation apollo m100 the files off the laptop plugged it back on to my new laptop it crashes!

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As a last resort, I disassembled the imation apollo m100 there goes the warranty! I spent 2 hours trying to find a solution.

Your trust is our top concern.

Imation Apollo M100 1TB Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 PC and Mac i28636

It imation apollo m100 works on my pc Bloody agravating what a waste of cash. Useless productlost imation apollo m100 last 10 years photo collection of my family and daughter. Andy replied on Aug 13, Oh and i noticed it don’t work on all tv’s why is that??? Just long enough for me to think my back up was safe. Write a review Ask a question.

If it has Imation name don’t imtaion consider the product. All I get is files that do not work.