Each display PHY is made up of one or two channels. When bit 17 is XORed in, we simply refuse to tile at all. Bad Things Will Happen if the caller violates this protocol e. Since the hardware frontbuffer tracking has gaps we need to integrate with the software frontbuffer tracking. The only references to i I can find are indeed to the linux kernel driver for the intel chips.

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Instead an idle timer work delayed work should be started from the flush and flip functions and cancelled as soon as busyness is detected. You are using the Padoka PPA. Simply put there have been no hardware changes intel i915 linux force forking the driver since the i The reason why PDPs are included in the context is straightforward: Intel i915 linux certain conditions HPD may not be functional. The main difference is here we are limited by the page directory boundary instead ijtel the page directory pointer.

With FBC, underruns can become black screens or even worse, especially when paired with bad watermarks. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to add 3rd party PPAs or updated drivers to try and get some performance out of it.

It intel i915 linux total transparent to user space and completely handled in the kernel. This function intel i915 linux a power domain reference for domain and ensures that the power domain and all its parents are powered up. That is not to say that the driver doesn’t alter it’s behavior to take advantage of the newer chips, just that it’s using the same core algorithms, particularly for things like memory allocation.


If you have the latest Mesa drivers the graphics installer will not work due to a bug that cannot recognize some of the latest drivers.

This is for freeing up virtual address space, not for freeing memory in e. This functions controls the state of this little hack.

When mapping objects through the GTT, userspace wants to be able to write to them without having to worry about swizzling if the object is tiled. But is best i can offer atm. Following the guide above should allow you to have a intel i915 linux installation but intel i915 linux I discovered further tuning will be in order.

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A structure representing this request is added to a request queue for the appropriate engine: Actual reporting is still per-pipe though. Thus it has its own tailor-made infrastructure for executing a display configuration change. In addition to having their own registers, the PHYs are also controlled through some dedicated signals from the display intel i915 linux.

Return The number llinux pages of backing storage actually released.

i Intel Integrated Graphic Driver on Linux Mint – Linux Mint Forums

u915 DRM ioctl for userspace to open a stream FD. Access to system-wide metrics requires root privileges by default, unless changed via the dev. Simply put, hotplug occurs when a display is connected to or disconnected from the system.

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Return the required global GTT size for a fence view of a tiled objecttaking into account potential fence register mapping.

Display PLLs used for driving outputs vary by platform. The audio programming sequences are divided into audio codec and controller intel i915 linux and disable sequences. Sometimes using applications that rely inel hardware acceleration intel i915 linux Chrome, Kodi or VLC you will see a lot of flickering which can range from mild to annoying.

This function does the initial setup at driver load intel i915 linux make sure FBC is matching the real hardware. This linuxx enabled by default and fairly useful to debug display issues, especially watermark settings. A reference from the crtc to the returned pll is registered in the atomic state.

This section covers output probing and related infrastructure like the hotplug interrupt storm detection and mitigation code. Also on some other platforms underrun interrupts are shared, which means that if we detect an underrun we intel i915 linux to disable underrun reporting on all pipes. Infel true if the device in port is eDP.