The recorded TV shows carry the extension of. So it will record p, i, and even p as long as the TV broadcaster is sending out the signal at that resolution. The other I believe wil be going back. Rob, Your Laptop is actually fine. Read on to find out! You have sufficient RAM and processing speed. You may not vote on this poll Forum Jump:

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If it does slow down the system I will be happy to watch on the laptop. You may not vote on this poll. Moving on to the video capture settings, otherwise known as recording, users have the ability to set the recording location, onair solution usb hdtv-gt levels, resolution and hdtv-yt type. The included antenna works solytion well receiving signals but it does not pick up all the channels available near my area.

So, I guess the missing part is the information about the OnAir schedule — what is the file format, will the scheduler recognize changes to the file, how often does the scheduler check it, etc. It is a great expansion card for desktop onair solution usb hdtv-gt but it has small limitation that onaid will only work with desktop.

For example, here in the time shifting tab, the check box for enabling timeshifting the ability to pause live TV on digital Onair solution usb hdtv-gt wasn’t enabled — I had to manually enable it.


You can also adjust how much time you allow the software to timeshift onair solution usb hdtv-gt on how much hard disk space you’re willing to give up. Strangely, some digital channels which are being picked up by the digital tuner did not get picked up in the analog tuner.

The software on this seems more than sufficient.

My frustration is gone I have been waiting for years and am estatic. Thanks, – Ryan Pertusio. There is no shortage of TV tuners designed sub laptop users from many desktop TV tuner manufactures.

Fixed sooution problem where viewing full screen on a second monitor with a different resolution causes improper screen maximization. The aspect ratio of the File mode is separately managed from other modes.

I am a little bit puzzled with the dictionary mode. The driver was written a few years ago, and improved on since then.

OnAir GT Review – A USB HDTV Tuner and DVR

On the bottom, there are a few ventilation soluhion. It is packed with neat features that are not found with some onair solution usb hdtv-gt tuners at slightly cheaper price, such as digital caption and SAP language support. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. You do not need to install the driver for it at all.

The external aesthetic of the TV tuner is visually pleasing despite the lack of any unique looks. Whicheve card you choose onair solution usb hdtv-gt depends on what expansion slots you have in your system.


If uusb have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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Thanks, – Ryan Pertusio – – – – onair solution usb hdtv-gt – – – – – Before posting a reply, the best thing to do is Search this Thread which can be found in the upper right of this post. Notebook users onair solution usb hdtv-gt be happy to be able to receive most available channels on the go simply by plugging in the compact and portable tuner. Any ballpark number is fine, like months, a year?

Also, notice the always on top option which allows you to have the software always on top of any program you have opened so you can watch the TV while working. We can see that it has some nice features such as color adjustment, zoom, channel manager, signal viewer, and sleep timer. OnAir GT The other I believe wil be going back. The GT was great, but now its reallty impressive. The CX supports the following technologies:.

And the remote control works well too.