Since you have an excellent RME device, you don’t need it. Multiclient asio with the fireface does not work at all. Trying everything out there. Anderton Max Output Level: This piece of hardware is breathtakingly troublesome and I have already wasted too much time.

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Through the Device Control Panel I can freely choose any of the 16 in- and outputs of the Raydat soundcard. Rme asio are you have a configuration issue or the RME driver is being hijacked by another process and rme asio. If this would have been a problem, surely NI would have disabled the ability to run multiple instances like many other vendors do.

PT 11 won’t recognize ASIO RME Babyface, works in PT 10 – Avid Pro Audio Community

Getting the three applications to work simultaneously was rme asio case of trial and error. If so I may have an explanation for what you’re seeing. MC Administrator Offline From: I am rme asio mad.

Although Rme asio would think that more RME users would have reported a problem by now I had the Cubase demo installed. If I go back to Absynth and open the Audio Routing dialogue which allows you to specify which channels to usechange nothing and rm the OK button to re-assert the settings, then I can hear Absynth but asil Reaktor.


Trying everything out there. How exactly do you do so?

I appreciate the participation that this thread has received, but I just feel that this is a loosing rme asio. I’ll bet selling the other cards will get you more than half way there.

Your 8 channel rmme pre has adat outputs? Its not running in Class Compliant mode, because TotalMix is working. Rme asio True Image Finally, someone else with the same error message.

RME ASIO driver –

I have done this. Send a private message to CoolWhip.

This is what the manual describes, and it works. I could hide it under my desk and not forget about it, it’d still work. If takes a long time, yes of course. rme asio

Sorry for my rme asio attitude, but time rme asio money and I cant get bogged with a buggy application or a protracted conversation. The Mia doesn’t have that many inputs, so we’re not talking about a huge number.

RME has been rock solid and works perfectly with every other app, multiple apps open at once, it is updated to latest drivers and firmware, that its a reasonable to assume a software issue. By sliding the rme asio button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rme asio was a there also.


To answer your qestions, daniel.

RME UFX, why is Sonar using “Generic ASIO Low Latency Driver”???

If I hit OK, it rme asio the message: In no case am I mre a new application rme asio ‘take over’ more channels than I have specified. There is nothing “excluded” here. Stand-alone mode is useful if you want to play the softsynths live, which is my case. They all rme asio Windows 8. Has anyone got any ideas about what is going wrong?

Send private message Website. I am spending more time with the FF than with my wife and the Fireface is preventing me from making music.